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Overly loyal prices and professional work
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Plumbers in Koreatown

Prices for services in Koreatown

Service name Price
Plumbing From $100
Drain Cleaning From $270
Toilet Installation or Replacement From $190
Sewer Line Installation and Repair From $80
Gas Line Installation From $50
All services are "turnkey"
Working with us you get the highest level of service
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Advantages of our company Koreatown plumber

Company has existed in the market of services for over five years
All services are provided on a "turnkey."
Works 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Reviews from our clients Koreatown

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Rating :

Plumbing Koreatown dealt with the blockage quickly and professionally. Arrived quickly, although they called late in the evening, with a bunch of equipment, fixed the problem in 20 minutes. Thank you very much! Told and explained how to use.

Rating :

The plumbing installation was done in the kitchen and bathroom, Plumbing Koreatown arrived with all the necessary tools without delay and got to work immediately without rest. I could not even imagine that they could cope with such a colossal amount of work so quickly in a very short time. There are no complaints from my side, it is clear that the guys are experienced and skillful. The result was only pleasing.

Rating :

This is not the first time we use the services of Plumbers in Koreatown, and we are always very satisfied. The difficult work was done soundly and efficiently. A professional and a normal person, without any scam. Quickly, qualitatively, adequately. Thank you for your work. I will recommend it. It turned out that there was no need to change anything, just tighten the nuts 🙂 Thank you!

List of our services

Water Leak Detection
Drain Cleaning Services
Trenchless Sewer Repair

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